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Everybody deserves the chance to fall in love with music...

Everybody deserves the chance to fall in love with music...

Blue Mic Music - Music workshops and lessons, Ensemble directing

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Musical Summer School is back!


23rd – 25th July, 29th – 2nd  August, 19th -23rd August

The Bisham School, Marlow


Fun filled days covering African Drumming, Keyboard, Musical theatre, Song writing and lots lots more,  All based on having as much fun as possible!


The days run from 9.30 until 4.30 including a 20min break and 45 minute Lunch (packed).

We start the day with introductions and icebreakers, then run 3/4 different topics across the day including African drumming, song writing, keyboards and lots more. 


Myself and my colleagues Emma and Percy will all be running the school,  so we tend to split the group into smaller groups, those who are slightly older or more experienced, and those who are younger, in order for the children to feel as comfortable as possible.


You can book on whichever days suit you, they do not have to be in succession or within the same week. The cost is £35 per day, per child, but we do offer discounts for siblings and bulk bookings!


Sessions can be adapted for site facilities, timings or specific focus of the students.




We offer workshops in African Drumming, Jazz and Improvisation, Musical theatre,  Create your own, Percussion, Song writing,  and History of music, but all of these can be adjusted and combined depending on the needs of the school, organisation or family.


Group Music lessons

We offer Music lessons that cover practical and theoretical learning, with a similar structure to our individual lessons. Instruments offered include recorder, piano and vocal studies and can range from 2 to 30 pupils.


 Group music lesson


Ensemble directing


We direct numerous ensembles including Keyboard clubs and choirs covering a range of Genre's -  Pop, Rock Gospel, Jazz, show and Classical.


 Piano and percussion


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